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  • How long does my hair have to be to get waxed?
    ¼ of an inch or this long __ This will ensure the wax adheres to the hair. If you normally shave, 2 weeks after your last shave should be okay to wax. If you have hair longer than ¼ inch, please trim or when you come to your appointment we will trim it for you, having longer hair can be painful. If you have more course thick hair it will be more effective if the hair is ½ inch long. As you begin making waxing part of your routine, you can go shorter.
  • Can I shower before I get waxed?
    Take a warm shower (not hot – this can be worse) before waxing. The warm shower helps open your pores and will remove the hair faster.
  • Should I Exfoliate?
    Exfoliate, exfoliate, and exfoliate more! Exfoliating with a body scrub will ensure the wax goes straight to the hair and not have to cut through dead skin cells and oils.
  • What can I do for pain?
    If you are sensitive to pain, take an ibuprofen or aspirin 30 minutes before to help with pain. You can also arrive 15 minutes before your appointment and ask for numbing spray for your brazilian wax.
  • What if I get a rash/turn red?
    Shower immediately after exercise to keep follicles clear and bacteria free. Avoid sweating and always keep that area clean for the first few hours. Don't add any lotion or oils because that will irritate it more. Do not apply ice or anything cold to the surface being waxed.
  • How long in between do I schedule my Wax Appointments?
    Wait 2-4 weeks between waxing appointments for anything other than brows. This will allow your hair follicles to cycle and weaken each state by removing new growth as it comes in.
  • Can I wax during my menstrual period?
    Wait one week after your menstrual cycle to schedule your Bikini Area wax service.
  • Can I drink coffee or alcohol before my wax service?
    Avoid Caffeinated drinks or alcohol before waxing, this makes skin more sensitive.
  • What's the deal with ingrown hairs?
    Do not pick at ingrown hairs, this will cause inflammation and weakens the pore lining. Let it do it's thing, it will come out and if not we can extract it.
  • Should I shave in between my waxing appointments?
    To gain the most from waxing, avoid shaving and schedule your appointments regularly. If you shave, it throws off your growth pattern.
  • I have a big event, when should I wax?"
    If it's your first time with Bella Skin, wax a week before to make sure your skin is used to our products and then you can wax again a few days before. If you're an exisiting client you know how your skin reacts, 1-2 days should be okay. We use the best quality of products on the market.
  • What kind of wax do you use?
    The wax that we use is Berodin brand. Best in the market, it is a European product that is amazing for sensitive skin.
  • What are the benefits of a Chemical Peel?
    A chemical peel is something you have to prepare for. You are literally peeling a layer of your skin off. This is done across four treatments, and you have to take care of your skin post the peel. NO SUN. Once the blister peels off, you will discover a more vibrant young looking skin with less visible wrinkles?
  • What do I have to do after a peel?
    Stay away from the SUN is key. You have to wear sunscreen twice a day, your skin is brand new and the rays of sunshine can damage all the work you just did. Followed by a very strict skin care regimen is crucial.
  • Can I schedule a consultation to see if this is the best thing for me?
    Yes! Our consultations are Free of charge, book one Today!
  • How do I know which facial is right for me?
    If after reading the descriptions you are not sure of which one to choose, you can either choose our Express Facial which is our most popular facial. It focuses on cleansing your skin and giving you a good base to start a skin care regimen. If you prefer, you can schedule a FREE consultation to go over all three of our facials.
  • How often should I do a facial?
    As often as you would like! (They are so relaxing) Typically every 4-6 weeks is what's recommended to keep your skin as supple as possible.
  • Your prices are more affordable than most, why?"
    Bella Skin is committed to helping everyone achieve their skin goals. Bella Beauty has always felt that we should keep our prices below industry standard in order to allow everyone to partake in the beauty industry. However - this does NOT mean that we compromise quality and service. We ONLY use the best proudcts in the industry and provide the best service possible.
  • What brand of Skin Care do you use?
    We are proud to use Skin Script, a Local company (of AZ) for all of our facials. A fruit based line with awesome ingredients that are Actually good for your skin.
  • Do you sell Skincare at the Studio?
    YES! We are fully stocked with everything you'll need to maintain great skin until we meet again on your next appointment. Price point is great too!
  • How long do facials take?
    We have our Express Facial at 30 minutes, Signature Facial at 45 minutes, and our Royal Facial at 60 minutes.
  • Can I bring my friend inside while I get my service?
    No, Buuuuuuut she/he can wait in the lobby (We have an Amazing Bar Cart!)
  • Can I bring kids to the studio?
    No, we have sharp tools everywhere, alcohol and it's just not safe - specially if you're busy getting glammed up.
  • What if I no-show?
    We will charge you for the full service, if you know you can't come please just cancel or reschedule! It's easier for everyone.
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