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available classes

Liberal 1X1

This class is perfect for those that want to learn something specific like brows or contour. During your lesson, you have the ability to ask anything about makeup and an artist will teach you during the time allotted. You can bring your own makeup and brushes and if you are missing something you can use our tools. You don’t have to bring your own if you rather use our tools.

Price: $225 – 2 Hours, $325 – 3 Hours.

*If you want to learn eye makeup, we encourage you to purchase the three hour Package


1X1 + Shopping

This class is geared for those that NEED new makeup. You bring your makeup to your lesson and during that time you let your artist know what you want to learn and they will recommend what you need to add to your collection. They will make a list for you and then both of you will drive to Ulta/Sephora and you will choose what you want to purchase based on our recommendations. After, we will come back to the studio and we will teach you how to apply it during the time allotted.

Price: $225 – 2 Hours, $325 - 3 Hours.

*If you want to learn eye makeup, we encourage you to purchase the three Hour Package


Girls Night Out

Do you have a birthday, bachelorette party coming soon? This option is great for you, you can gather your girls and have a makeup party! We provide everything for you, you don’t have to bring anything to class just your bare face! We go over all of the techniques, brushes, foundation, eyes and so much more; you have the ability to customize your class on what you want to learn. We also provide you with a bottle of wine to get the party started!

Price: Varies, please ask for a Price Chart. Since you pick what you want to learn, the price is dependent on what the group wants to do. Please note, the entire party must choose the same topics. *Minimum of four people and maximum of eight.

Price: $145 each person

Includes two bottles of wine and water

Pro Makeup Artist 1X1

Are you a makeup artist but want to get advanced training on a certain look or area? Do you want to perfect brows or contour? This is the perfect class for you, you will be able to hand select the topics that you want to learn and we will also provide you with product recommendations and offer any feedback on technique. This is great in order to sharpen your technique and refine your artistry. *You need to have makeup artistry experience for this class.

Price: $145 each Hour *Minimum two hours


Makeup Artist Certification

Want to become a makeup artist? This is the perfect option for you, this is a three week high intensity course that will teach you everything you need to know in order to be a working makeup artist. You learn about Skin Types, Skin Prep, Base, Highlight, Contour, Lips, and different eye looks. We also go over starting your own business as a makeup artist, social media and tips on your own website and business cards. This class is three weeks long, classes are 2-3 times a week for 3-4 hours each class for a total of 21 credit hours.

Price: $2250, Request a Syllabus which details everything on the class.



Request our current availability, or we can also schedule something outside of that if you have a date that works best for you.

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